Large industrial businesses can often suffer with bird problems. While many people wouldn’t consider seagulls or pigeons to be a concerning pest, in a commercial setting they can pose a real issue.

Birds will use large roof spaces for nesting and industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories offer the perfect location. Many species of bird will also return to the same area to breed year after year, so repeated issues can be a costly nuisance for businesses.

The impact across an organisation of having a pest issue can be huge.

Seagulls can be a pest to businesses.

A Difficult Pest to Control.

Bird problems are notoriously tricky to control once a behavioural pattern emerges.

Businesses will experience many of these issues from increased bird (pigeon or gull) activity

1. Mess – Nesting material and faecal matter is abundant and mess builds up quickly. This can clog gutters, eaves, and air vents, leading to water build-up.

2. Cost – Property damage can be extensive. Manufacturers and producers storing items or holding stock are at risk of having their products destroyed. Warehouses can be covered in droppings or guano as it is commonly known.

3. Disease – Droppings can contain and spread diseases such as E -Coli, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis Cryptococcosis. These are as nasty as they sound and they will potentially put employees health at risk.

4. Noise – Cooing and squawking are surprisingly loud and can be distracting to listen to for anyone in the premises.

In addition to these, adult birds can be very aggressive and have been known to swoop down on humans if they believe their nests or young are threatened. This is particularly distressing for anyone trying to enter a place of work, and is more common than you may think.

Prevent and Protect.

Prevention techniques can be applied in both residential and commercial properties to deter birds from roosting or nesting. More information can be found here Pigeon Pest Control Services | DALPEST – 24/7 Pest Control. Within a commercial setting a good pest control company such as DALPEST will offer advice on where to add preventative measures, and what tools are best to use.

It is worth noting that not all techniques are suitable or allowed for every type of bird problem and many are designed for pigeons only. Your pest control firm will be able to advise further.

These could include

  • Lives Traps
  • Spike Strips
  • Bird Gel
  • Shooting
  • Netting
  • Wire Systems
  • Bird Scarers
  • Laser Systems

Where an infestation has already taken hold it is always advisable to call the experts to deal with the problem professionally.

Dispersing the birds.

What Other Solutions are There?

DALPEST have recently been involved in a large operation with a well-known manufacturer in the Peterborough area. This pest management work is purely bird focused and is a long-term project to deal with an established problem. For this business the recommendation is a hawking service. This is an option for when conventional prevention may have been unsuccessful. DALPEST work closely with another supplier to provide this in-depth service.

What is Involved in Hawking?

Hawking involves the use of a trained bird handler and a team of Harris hawks. These intelligent birds of prey are used as a strong deterrent for both gulls and pigeons. Their presence will disperse the birds with an aim of preventing them from nesting. If the birds feel unsafe in that location they are less likely to raise their young with the threat of a predator around.

Meet the Team

A fully trained Harris hawk will scare but not attack the other birds in question and it will respond to the commands of its handler. Their relationship is crucial for this method to work and it ensures full control of the process at all times. It takes several visits over a number of weeks for the hawks to have a lasting impact on the pest birds. This is a highly effective solution for pest control as part of a long-term strategy.

The final goal is achieved when the birds are no longer a nuisance and the staff are able to access their workplace safely once again.

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