One question we get asked a lot is “how do I know if I have bed bugs?”

There are two key factors at play here. Firstly, insect infestations can be tricky to spot in the early stages. Secondly, very few people want to openly talk about the fact that they may have an infestation. The very thought of having bed bugs in your home can make some people scratch without realising!

There are however some tell-tale signs to watch out for, that can help you identify an issue before it becomes unmanageable.

The good news is that DALPEST Pest Solutions and other professional pest controllers are able to offer treatments for a range of insects including bed bugs so help is at hand if you need it!

DALPEST Pest Solutions have effective treatments for bed bugs

Most (but not all) bed bug activity takes place during the warmer months, when they are more likely to breed. As summer approaches we have compiled this list to help you if you need it.

Top Five Things to Watch Out For.

Here are some of the signs you may have bed bugs in your home.

1: Bites.

Yes bed bugs bite!

You may notice some red or itchy bumps appearing on your skin overnight. These could be from bed bugs. It is possible that these may be grouped together in a small cluster, or they could be completely random. They are most likely to appear on the neck and around the arms and legs – bed bugs are not fussy eaters.

2: Blood stains on bedding.

Bed bugs feed on blood (which causes the bites) and this causes their body shape to change, as they become much rounder and fuller. Much of their feeding takes place at night when we are asleep in our beds, so a human can inadvertently roll over a bed bug, causing some of their most recent meal to ooze out. This causes dark brown spotting on bed sheets, pillow cases or occasionally clothing.

Be aware, this alone is not a sign of bed bugs. Other factors can cause small bloodstains on bedding. Other insect bites which may have been scratched, or small scabs from previous cuts will also leave a similar mark if dislodged. Please check it is not any of these before assuming it is bed bugs.

3: Evidence.

In severe cases, there can be clear signs of evidence of an infestation. This mainly happens around door and bed frames. You may find black spots on the walls approximately 1mm round. These are faecal spots left by the bed bugs.

There will be lots of these grouped together in this scenario and they may look as though someone has dotted a pen onto the wall. This is a very clear indicator of bed bug activity.

4: Eggs.

You may discover small long white husks, these are the eggs from which the infant bed bugs hatch. The shells are then discarded. There could be lots of these as female bed bugs are capable of laying between 200 – 500 eggs over the course of two months. These will be laid in batches and are sticky. This allows them easily attach themselves to furniture in groups, which means when hatched they are easier to spot.

And finally, last but by no means least.

5: Live bed bugs.

It is possible for bed bugs to be visible to the naked eye. They are small and brown with eight legs, and flattened bodies. They are around 6mm long in size. The place you are most likely to spot active or live bed bugs is around the frame of your bed, your mattress, or even around furniture such as sofas, if the infestation has spread.

If you find evidence of live beg bugs then you should call a professional pest control company straight away.

A bed bug.

What should I do?

If you have followed the signs and believe you may have bed bugs in your home or property then don’t panic, and please don’t be embarrassed.

Very often bed bugs are brought in from external places and you may not have even known. The most important thing to do is ensure they are treated correctly by professionals, to rid you of the problem.

DALPEST Pest Solutions are a trusted local pest controller based in Cambridgeshire, and we have seen our fair share of bed bugs over the years. Our fully trained technicians will assess the property for you and then create a treatment plan. This is designed to remove the infestation in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Get in touch with us today by calling 0333 2026 223, or by visiting our website for Bed Bug Pest Control Services | DALPEST – 24/7 Pest Control.

If you would like even more advice regarding household pests in the UK, then please visit the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) for further reading A-Z (

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