Pests come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most destructive pests is actually one you will rarely see above ground.

Moles are a fairly common UK pest, and particularly in pastoral regions where properties have large open spaces, they can be a difficult nuisance pest to remove.

Moles do look cute but they are little powerhouses built for tunnelling, they will use their two large paws to move away dirt. They have very poor eyesight so they rely on their snout and whiskers to navigate through the soil.

How do you know if you have moles?

It can become obvious that you have an infestation in your property when you begin to see mounds of dirt appearing. Commonly referred to as molehills, these can start popping up all over the exterior of the property and ruining the appearance of garden. This is a clear indication that you have the presence of moles.

Clear evidence of a mole infestation

In very serious cases of mole infestations larger holes can appear, while these are annoying, more serious damage could be being caused without your knowledge.

The constant tunnelling can move the earth around buildings and can lead to unstable foundations, therefore moles are a pest that should be taken seriously.

It is recommended that use of a pest control company should be called in to deal with moles as trained pest technicians have the tools and equipment needed to catch the offending pests more accurately, as Michael Beesley from DALPEST Pest Solutions explains. “The trouble with many pests, including moles, is having the ability to understand their behaviour in order to catch them. Moles can be such a vastly disruptive pest that it requires the knowledge of a trained pest technician to find the optimum method for trapping them. This involves not only the right tools but more importantly the correct and efficient techniques.”

A trap in position

DALPEST Pest Solutions are trained professionals accredited by the BPCA and we know our moles! The first step is to assess the scale and severity of your problem. Once complete we are able to use specialist traps placed strategically within the ground to enable us to trap the moles more easily, and prevent any further damage to the property.

If you suspect that you may have a pest problem, get in touch with us today on 0333 2026 223.

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