The thought that pests are all around us can be an off putting thought. Pest control companies such as DALPEST, based in Peterborough are always looking for new and innovative ways to successfully trap pests.

Discretion is important when dealing with pest issues, and recently DALPEST have been working on a project with the local council to help control the presence of rodents on the outskirts of the city.

Using specialist trapping techniques disguised as rubbish bins, the pest bait boxes are located underneath the body of the bin. These are designed to encourage pests to follow the scent of bait through holes in the base, rather than climbing up the side of the bin and entering the discarded rubbish. Once inside the rats are contained within the box.

Keeping pests out of sight

This method naturally makes the pests more difficult to see as they approach, and keeps them out of the line of sight of the public.

This is hugely beneficial to everyone as rats in particular are a pest which many people naturally avoid, with some people being physically scared at the sight of them.

Rats are a very common pest

“We were very excited to be able to work with these products,” said Richard Day, Lead Pest Technician for DALPEST. “We have strategically placed these around the area where most of the rat activity is taking place, and we hope that these new bins can continue to be used for future projects.”

Helping to control pests in high footfall areas is tricky and what makes these products so effective is that they are extremely difficult to tell apart from a standard rubbish bin, with only the addition of the secret trapping section at the base.

These traps are checked regularly by trained DALPEST technicians to ensure that all pests are professionally removed if caught.

DALPEST are on hand for any pest control issues that you may be experiencing, in the home or at work so please get in touch with us today if you suspect you have a problem.

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