Who can you call when an emergency pest situation suddenly becomes out of control?

DALPEST Pest Solutions are an established pest control business operating in the local Peterborough and Milton Keynes areas. We work closely with a number of housing associations and councils in the area and often get called upon to tackle deep cleaning and property clearance issues.

Why might a property require a deep clean?

A number of situations can create the need for a deep clean in domestic properties

  • Tenants vacating and leaving mess and food behind
  • Emergency evictions
  • Vulnerable tenants with mental health conditions
  • Void properties with squatters

The most important factor to consider with a deep cleaning service is the speed of response. Usually an issue may go unnoticed within a house or flat until an infestation of pests alerts someone to the problem. This then becomes an emergency requiring swift resolution.

It is vital that the property is inspected as quickly as possible so a plan can be made for tackling the issue effectively. Every job is different, but some of the activities likely to be involved include

  • Waste / rubbish removal
  • Furniture clearance and possible removal
  • Insecticide spray treatments
  • Full deep clean of all surface areas

Attending a severe maggot infestation

Recently the DALPEST Pest Solutions team were contacted about a serious maggot problem. The local housing association had a report of maggots falling through a ceiling in a tenants flat. They were coming through the lighting and causing distress to the tenant.

The maggots are fly larvae and originated from flies coming inside to feed on the waste. The flies will have laid their eggs within the property and the eggs later hatch into maggots.

Maggots on the carpet

Due to the severity of the issue, the team were on site the same day to assess the problem, where it was discovered that the cause of the problem was the vacant upstairs property, where the maggots were multiplying.

The holes were sealed in the downstairs property to prevent any more maggots from coming through the light fixtures.

Access was then granted to inspect the other property. Instantly the issue became apparent when rotting food waste was discovered throughout the flat and maggots were crawling about in all rooms.

The plan was submitted and approved to perform an urgent hygiene clean and disinfestation, which the team began the very next day.

It is clear from the photos that the property had been neglected for some time. This was not a problem which appeared overnight, to get to this stage takes weeks, not days.

A complete clearance of affected materials and food waste was the first task. This was securely bagged up and skipped. An insecticide spray treatment was then applied to all rooms. This was made more complicated because the carpet was heavy material and the maggots had embedded themselves and resurfaced several times upon treatment.

The rubbish cleared from the property
Large amounts of waste were removed from the property

Finally, a full clean of the surfaces and floors was completed to ensure the whole property was fully disinfected and spotless.

The DALPEST Pest Solutions team successfully finished this full deep clean within two days. This has ensured that the property in question is now suitable for another tenant to inhabit, and the flat below is also secure and free from unwanted pests.

Preventing the need for a deep clean

Although some cleaning works are unavoidable due to the nature of the work we do, there are some things you can do at home which will deter pests.

This is a list of the top 5 things that will attract pests to any property

  • Food sources left lying around the kitchen or rotting
  • Smells from bins
  • Easy access through holes in walls or gaps under doors
  • Clutter within the home
  • Keeping doors propped open

By simply avoiding these things, you can help to prevent unwelcome pest problems in your own home.

If you would like to know more about the clearance and cleaning services offered by DALPEST Pest Solutions then please get in touch with a member of the team on the number below.

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