As the seasons begin to change so do the types of pests that DALPEST Pest Solutions are called out to deal with!

Have you ever seen a rat in broad daylight?

The chances are you probably have…..

Rats are present all year round, and while they can cause issues for homes and businesses at any time of the year, October through until February are the key months for reported rat infestations.

Why is This?

The autumn and winter months bring about a change in the weather and this is a huge reason why we see more rat activity than usual indoors. As the cold sets in and there is more rainfall than normal, rats will naturally seek warmth and a dry environment to live in.

Domestic homes are the perfect option for rats for two key reasons;

  • Shelter – as mentioned above, the warmth of a property will attract rodents inside. Rats do not hibernate (contrary to what many people believe) so if you have them present in your home there will be clear signs that they are there.
  • Food – easy access to a food source is motivation for any animal, with the onset of cold weather rats will want to move around less and will look for food that is plentiful and close by.
Rats can be attracted to multiple food sources.

Top Five Tips for Keeping Rats Away.

We now understand when rats are more likely to be a problem, and why they come inside. Knowing this can help when it comes to deterring them.

This simple list of tips won’t ever fully guarantee you won’t have a rat problem at some point, but it is the best advice for keeping them away! These tips also work for both homes and businesses alike.

Tip 1: Keep Bins Closed.

Many of these tips will seem like nothing more than common sense but they are things people forget to do. Bins are a great attraction to all rodents. Easy access to food is a major reason for rats gathering and returning!

Keeping outside bins closed and bags sealed tightly is best practice as a deterrent. Where bins are in a shared environment such as a bin store, these also need to be kept closed and no stray food or bags left on the floor.

Open bin bags can be an easy food source for rodents.

Tip 2: Identify Cracks or Holes in Walls.

Rodents can get into properties through surprisingly small holes. By ensuring cracks and holes (including areas where utilities and pipes enter) from the outside of your property are sealed, you will help prevent these destructive unwanted guests from getting inside your home or business.

This also includes large gaps underneath doors, which can be quick entry points for rats.

Tip 3: Dont Leave Food Lying Around.

We have recommended that external bins are kept closed, but have you ever thought about leaving food lying around indoors?

The smell of food, particularly any fruit that is very ripe can be very alluring to pests. By simply removing this, or correctly storing it you can eliminate some of the temptation for them.

Undergrowth is a great hiding place for rats and mice.

Tip 4: Keep Outside Spaces Tidy.

Sometimes a rat problem can begin outside, and this can cause just as much of a problem to homeowners and businesses as having them inside.

Storing rubbish in outbuildings or in the corner of a yard or garden will provide a warm and safe home for rodents to make themselves comfortable.

They like nothing more than a pile of cardboard, old clothes, old furniture (especially mattresses), grass cuttings or even an overgrown garden. The perfect hiding places!

Tip 5: Limit the Amount you Feed the Birds.

Here in the UK, we are a nation of nature lovers, and this is particularly true of birds. One of the biggest attractions to rats and mice outdoors is bird feed, as stray grain and pellets on the floor are easy pickings for rodents. Plus, they are intelligent creatures and will know where a repeat food source is available.

If you want to keep the rats at bay, then limit the amount of food (if any) you put out for the birds.

By applying some of these quick and simple tips to your property, you can help in the prevention of undesirable rodent problems.

Need Some Advice?

DALPEST Pest Solutions are a local pest control business operating in both the Peterborough and Milton Keynes areas. We are experienced in dealing with rodent issues and have a number of solutions to help rid you of any infestations at home or at work.

If you would like to know more about our rodent services, then please get in touch with a member of the team on 0333 2026 223 or click here Rat Pest Control Services | DALPEST – 24/7 Pest Control and we would be happy to help.

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