Rats are everywhere! You have probably heard the horror stories about how you are only ever about 6 feet away from one, and they are also one of the most loathed pests we deal with.

But have you actually ever seen one?

The likelihood is probably not, and that can put you at ease, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist close by.

To see rats during daylight hours is uncommon, but they are cheeky, bold creatures and they can sometimes be spotted around consistent food sources. Supermarkets and fast food restaurants are ideal spots for rats as discarded food waste is plentiful.

Communal bin areas and bin stores for grouped domestic properties such as blocks of flats are also another area of potentially high rat activity.

DALPEST Pest Solutions have been dealing with rat infestations in the local area since 2017, and this has provided us with great experience and knowledge about rat behaviour as well as effective treatment methods.

We work very closely with the local council and housing associations to help tackle pest issues when they are detected, and one our most recent call outs turned out to be a serious one!

So many rats!

There were a few sightings of rats around a communal bin area that required a combination of pest management and proofing works to prevent them coming back again.

As a team working with pests day in day out, we do come into contact with live rats on the odd occasion. More often than not though, they stay out of sight while we place traps and bait and then come out again afterwards. That didn’t happen at this site in Peterborough however…

Watch the short video showing what we were confronted with when we arrived to inspect the site.

This is by far the largest number of rodents we have seen in one place in the middle of the day – they were everywhere!

The rats had chewed right through the bungs in the base of the bins (rats can chew through most materials) and also the fencing surrounding the area. This meant they had easy access inside the bins which was providing a great source of food for them.

Our role as pest controllers was to get this situation under control as quickly as possible.

There are several things that we did to eradicate the infestation.

  1. Eliminate harbourage, food and water sources – by getting the bushes and trees cut back, there were less places for the rats to hide and burrow next to the properties.
  2. Proofing – once the area was clear of rats then the next phase involved proofing the bins underneath with mesh to prevent them returning and getting inside again.
  3. Traps and Bait – following the strict CRRU codes of practice we strategically baited the area with rodenticide where the rat runs were most prominent.

The infestation was under control within a matter of days as a result of this methodical and professional approach.

This was also a great example of how our relationship with the council allowed us the freedom to do the work that was needed in a timely manner with their full support, and now the residents don’t have to worry about putting their rubbish out!

We deal with all sorts of pests! Whatever species might be causing you unwanted stress then don’t worry anymore!

To find out about the domestic and commercial pest control services offered by DALPEST Pest Solutions in Peterborough or Milton Keynes, or to talk to one of our knowledgeable team about any pest related issues, then please get in touch on 0333 2026 223. We are always more than happy to offer advice and come and see the problem for ourselves!

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