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Pest control can be a challenging profession. We often deal with customers who are distressed about a growing problem, but are unable to solve the issue themselves. This can be stressful for them, as no one wants to experience unwanted pests in their home, and it adds pressure to us to find a quick resolution.

As professionals here at DALPEST Pest Solutions we are trained to identify the pest species and monitor the situation (if required) before finding the most effective and safe solution to treat the infestation. This also includes using non-toxic methods wherever possible.

However, as you can imagine pests don’t always behave the way we would expect them to!

Many pests are more active during the hours of darkness and therefore trying to fully understand their patterns of behaviour and their routines often comes from the years of experience we have built up doing this job. We rely on our experience and evidence left behind from the pests to determine the routes that they are taking through a property, or where is best to position traps to have successful catches.

What do wildlife cameras offer?

There are however several tools that can aid the process of pest control, and DALPEST have now added a series of wildlife cameras into our pest monitoring methods. They allow us to monitor areas that are otherwise difficult to assess for longer periods of time such as loft spaces and because they are wireless, they are easy to install and leave in place without damaging any part of the property.

Using this technology is exciting for us as pest controllers, because these cameras help us to gain a clearer picture of the issue and they can also assist with the following;

  • Identification and evidence – placing cameras around can provide us with video footage of the pests and let us see exactly what they are. It is worth noting that we are usually already aware of the type of pest we are dealing with from other key signs and customer reports, however having video evidence provides that much needed clarification.
  • Behavioural patterns – seeing action captured by the cameras on the video (particularly at night) lets us understand in more detail how many pests we are dealing with, when they are at their most active and also what their behaviour looks like. This is all vital information that can aid us in successfully trapping these pests.
  • Peace of mind – even though this may sounds a little odd, the use of this type of technology can put customers minds at rest. They will be sure from the evidence gathered that there is a pest problem and that we are dealing with it appropriately. Some customers are not 100% sure when we are called in where there is an active issue and we can provide that certainty for them.

When we recommend the use of wildlife cameras they are used alongside other treatment methods and are not a stand-alone solution for us. The cameras are checked weekly for footage which we can quickly and easily download to analyse the results. The types of pests this is most effective for includes rats, mice and squirrels, all of which usually only come out when humans are not present (but not always!).

We have already gathered some great footage of pests within domestic properties and the insights that we have will help us to further improve the services and techniques we offer to our valued customers.

To learn more about the domestic and commercial pest control services offered by DALPEST Pest Solutions or to seek advice on any pest related issues, then please get in touch with a member of the team on 0333 2026 223.

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