Cockroaches are not nice creatures. In fact, for too many people they are the stuff of nightmares. But are they really a pest that is causing problems in the UK?

The answer is yes.

We often associate cockroaches with holidays abroad and warmer climates, but there are plenty of them present in this country as well. You may not realise it but there are over 4,600 species of cockroach worldwide, however there are only two species that are commonly found in the UK.

Feared by many due to the myths that surround them, cockroaches are very misunderstood. They are natural survivalists and can easily adapt to their chosen environment making them a difficult pest to deal with.

What attracts these pests?

They are highly motivated by easy access to a food source. So, while some believe it is only dirty environments and poor hygiene that attracts cockroaches, this is somewhat untrue and they can potentially affect any property where food is left lying around.

Performing good hygiene practices around your property will help prevent a lot of pest related issues, so make sure you regularly wipe down surfaces, clear away crumbs and food scraps (including pet food) and remove any water sources where possible as cockroaches require water to survive.

It may come as no surprise that cockroaches are scavengers and will eat pretty much anything….. and we mean anything! They have been known to consume leather, wood, fabric, other insects and even human faeces! Yuck!

Cockroach feeding

These fascinating creatures are also largely nocturnal, which means their feeding habits tend to bring them out at night when we are asleep in our beds. Plus, they are experts at hiding from sight! Cockroaches are able to flatten themselves completely which means they can conceal themselves under floors, in tiny gaps and cracks and very often in dark areas such as underneath sinks.

This can often make it hard to detect that a problem exists until it’s too late.

Spot the signs.

Seeing cockroaches in your property is obviously the best indication of a problem, however, there are a few other signs to watch out for as well.

1. Unusual smell – People tend to report a sweet and musty aroma lingering around when they have an infestation.

2. Damage – You may find food packages with holes in, or nibbled items in the kitchen.

3. Egg casings – They breed fast! Therefore a clear sign of activity is discarded egg casings from young cockroaches, these are called ootheca.

4. Smears, marks and droppings – Strange brown smears may be found where cockroaches are in contact with each other on flat surfaces around the home. Small black droppings (about 1mm in size) may also be present.

Cockroach evidence

This all makes cockroaches a force to be reckoned with and pretty tough pests to get rid of. A professional pest control team such as DALPEST Pest Solutions will be able to assess the scale of the infestation before recommending an appropriate treatment.

We will always follow a process for getting rid of cockroaches. This relies on the knowledge and experience of our technicians to provide the most effective solution for each customer.

Firstly, we will use sticky traps placed around the property. These are designed to monitor the levels of activity and also the number and age of the pests. Our technicians can tell a lot about the size of the infestation from what cockroaches are caught on these traps.

Sticky trap

We will also introduce gel bait to treat infestations as this method is proven to be highly effective at eradicating cockroaches.

Do you suspect you might have cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs or another pest that is concerning you? Please don’t worry. DALPEST Pest Solutions can help.

We are RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controllers and members of the BPCA. You can talk to us about any issues you may have on 0333 2026 223. We would love to hear from you.

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