Pigeons are a naturally destructive pest. They may not look it but when pigeons become a permanent feature in a property they can cause a huge amount of mess and damage and develop into a big problem.

Issues with pigeons can become out of control very quickly. Part of the reason for this is that pigeons will use large roof spaces for nesting. They will also return night after night to roost when they know they have easy access inside.  

Pigeons gathering.

One of the biggest concerns when dealing with pigeons is guano, or, as it is more commonly referred to, pigeon droppings. These droppings are actually toxic and contain bacteria and disease harmful to health. This makes cleaning up the mess a real challenge. Using a registered, trusted pest controller such as DALPEST Pest Solutions is vital for this process.

Our trained technicians are RSPH Level 2 qualified and have the skills, experience and tools to deal with your pigeon problem effectively.

Pigeons are a particular nuisance in these situations

  • Empty or void buildings
  • Commercial properties
  • Factories, warehouses and storage facilities
  • Domestic properties

If any of these facilities contain food stuffs, stock or perishable goods that are stored then they can be at significant risk from an infestation of pigeons.

The impact across an organisation of having a pest issue can be huge.

A difficult pest to control.

Bird problems are notoriously tricky to control once a behavioural pattern emerges.

Businesses will experience many of these issues from increased bird activity

  • Mess – Nesting material and faecal matter is abundant and mess builds up quickly. This can clog gutters, eaves, and air vents, leading to water build-up.
  • Cost – Property damage can be extensive. Manufacturers and producers storing items or holding stock are at risk of having their products destroyed. Warehouses can be covered in droppings or guano as it is commonly known.
  • Noise – Cooing and squawking are surprisingly loud and can be distracting for anyone in the premises.

The DALPEST Pest Solutions team were recently invited to put some robust external proofing measures in place for a large commercial building. Pigeon activity had been steadily increasing on the site, so before they became an issue and got inside, the team set about preparing the building.

How to keep the birds at bay.

Having already conducted a thorough inspection of the site, the DALPEST Pest Solutions technicians were able to recommend the correct proofing and prevention techniques for this particular business. This included where these should be positioned for the most effective results.

The team opted to use a combination of high quality bird spikes and wire mesh. One of the biggest challenges facing the team was the height of the building, but with the correct equipment this was no problem for the technicians as they were able to apply fully secured bird spikes along the lengths of the structure. Spikes are designed to prevent the birds landing on the edge of the building and creating further mess within the guttering, while the wire mesh was applied underneath roof tiles to stop pigeons entering the building through the exposed gaps.

Having these measures in place might create unhappy pigeons, but the customer will begin to see positive results from decreasing bird activity almost immediately.

It is worth noting that where an infestation has already taken hold, or there is increased pest activity, it is always advisable to call the experts to deal with the problem professionally and safely.

Are you experiencing any pest control worries? If you would like to learn more about how DALPEST Pest Solutions can help with your pest control then please get in touch with us on 0333 2026 223. We would love to hear from you.

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