Does your business have a commercial fly killer installed? If you serve or prepare food at your premises then we know you do!

You may have these units in place, but did you know they require servicing to keep them running effectively? The warmer weather is nearly upon us and fly killers will be working hard in kitchens all over the country. Now is the perfect time to consider servicing, installing or replacing your fly killer unit if you haven’t already.

Flies are a real nuisance and they can put customers off visiting a premises more than once if they are not properly controlled, particularly during the busiest summer months. They can also pose an environmental risk where food is being prepared. 

Here is a little run down of what is available, and a quick guide as to how often it should be maintained. 

There are two main types of electric unit designed for zapping all manner of flies large or small.  

  • Kill grid – these units work by attracting the flies to a UV light. The bright lights draw the flies to the unit and then an electrified grid inside kills them instantly creating a small zapping noise. Any remaining fly debris is captured in a tray inside the unit.  
  • Glue board – these are supplied with either UV fluorescent bulbs, or UV LED lights, however the difference is that the flies get trapped inside and become stuck to a board. The boards will require replacing and cleaning regularly, but this is simple to do. Glue boards are silent (and often slightly smaller) than the grids units.  
Fly killer unit

It is important to speak to a trusted pest controller about your requirements for fly killers. DALPEST Pest Solutions technicians are able to offer a site inspection to fully understand the size and scope of your business needs. We can then recommend the correct style of unit for you based on this information. 

We will also advise the best place to position the units, away from food preparation areas and out of reach of the public. 

Not only this, but our team are able to provide the following essential services as well

  1. Supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of units for new customers. 
  2. Regular routine servicing including bulb changes for existing units. 
  3. Recommendations for changing / upgrading existing fly killers. 

How often does a fly killer require maintenance?  

If your business has a fly killer containing UV bulbs then it is important to change these annually to ensure they are running effectively. LED units require bulb changes every 3 years, however these units should still be maintained by your pest control team regularly. 

Glue board fly killers require the boards to be replaced to remove the dead flies, and this should be done quarterly as a minimum at the height of the season if your premises is large.  

Remember that fly killers are ideal for these businesses or spaces where people may be present and footfall is high. 

  • Kitchens and food preparation areas in pubs, restaurants, school kitchens etc. 
  • Shopping centres where members of the public are walking / gathering. 
  • Sports centres and gyms. 
  • Communal bin stores.  

If you would like to discuss any pest control needs for your business then DALPEST Pest Solutions can help.

We are RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controllers and members of the BPCA. You can talk to us about any requirements you may have on 0333 2026 223. We would love to hear from you. 

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