In the world of pest control effective proofing measures are the best line of defence against unwanted pests.

In order to prevent unwelcome infestations from occurring at your place of business it is recommended that you take adequate steps to pest proof your commercial property.

What does proofing do?

The use of correct proofing techniques by a trained pest control professional will ensure that potential entry points or weaker areas of the property are fully protected.

The biggest culprits for large scale commercial properties are rodents and birds. Once inside they are difficult to get rid of, and the disruption, damage, and mess that they cause can be costly to companies. Premises and stock can be severely damaged by these pests if they get inside and are left untreated. This is most concerning to businesses where stock is warehoused, as loss of revenue can be a real threat.

There are a variety of proofing measures that can be installed to prevent this from happening. The methods differ depending on the type of pest you are trying to prevent, however they commonly include:

  • Bird spikes – to deter pigeons and gulls.
  • Bird netting – very effective for pigeons.
  • Bird gels
  • Expanding foam and mesh – to prevent rodents from entering. Expanding foam alone is not sufficient as rodents can nibble through it. Therefore, mesh is also necessary.
  • Brush seals applied to doors – effective against rodents.
  • Drain guards, RatFlaps and mesh guards.

Your pest control technician will be able to assess the site and determine where the right proofing measures are required before fitting them. Additionally, it is important to note that many proofing techniques can be unsightly and ugly, therefore DALPEST Pest Solutions only use the most effective techniques designed to fit with the aesthetics and design of your property.

Proofing done perfectly

DALPEST Pest Solutions were recently called to a local Peterborough car showroom to help a customer who had received some badly installed netting from another provider. The customer was unhappy with prior works that had been carried out as they were failing to prevent problems from occurring.

The old netting was not up to scratch.

Inadequate proofing will have the opposite effect of what it is designed to do, so after surveying the site a plan of action was approved by the customer and DALPEST Pest Solutions agreed to tackle the work and improve the situation for the client.

In this case re-installing the netting was the answer. Good quality netting installed by trained DALPEST Pest Solutions technicians was recommended to prevent those pesky pigeons from coming inside to roost.

The building in question had a large surface area so careful planning was required to make sure the new netting would stand the test of time.

Gaps, holes, or drops in the net would have rendered the whole thing useless as it would have provided easy access for the pigeons to enter. This was something the customer did not want to happen, especially as cars were stored overnight in this section of the building.

Working at height our two technicians spent a total of two days on site covering more than 100 square metres of the internal structure with a high-quality translucent net. The choice of material was crucial so that maximum protection was offered against the pests but the look of the inside of the building wasn’t altered.

The final result looked amazing, was secure against pigeons and this resulted in one very happy customer!

To enquire about how we can help you or your business with our proofing techniques please contact us on 0333 2026 223 or visit our website for more pest related information

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