Have you ever seen a wasp nest up close?

We do expect the answer to be no, especially given that the occupants are usually very angry, there are a lot of them and they can have a nasty sting!

It might surprise you to learn that wasps actually create beautiful, delicate and intricately crafted nests; if you see one up close they are mesmerising.

What is a wasp nest made of?

These nests are built piece by tiny piece. The workers are busy during the warmer months searching for wood fibres which they scrape small mouthfuls from. If you watch closely you can often see this process taking place when wasps land on fences and benches. The wasps then chew this into a pulp with the help of a little saliva and return it to the site of the nest.

Each of the workers contributions to the overall construction of the nest is vital to get it ready in time. The internal structure is formed of hexagons which create individual cells. The whole process takes time, a lot of hard work and the result is a true work of art!

You found it where?

The other thing to note about wasps nests, is that they turn up in the strangest of places! As pest controllers we are often called to remove or treat nests in the local area and over the years we have found some located where you wouldn’t expect them to be (like the one below). Wasps nest never cease to amaze us.

A wasp nest we found in a boot!

Most recently we were called out to a property where the spare room was disused for a long period of time. When the residents went back inside the room, they discovered a wasp nest inside their small chest of drawers!

Queen wasps hibernate during the winter and then wake up to form a new colony in the spring.

It is likely that this particular nest will have taken a number of weeks or even months to build and the queen would have been in the property lying dormant prior to the nest being built.

The good news for our customers is that DALPEST Pest Solutions are able to treat live or active nests and also remove them where appropriate, which is exactly what we did in this case to give the customer their bedroom back again.

Summer time is when the peak of wasp activity occurs, so if you are currently battling with wasps at your property, or you have high levels of wasp activity at your workplace then you are not alone! Please give us a call and we can advise the best course of action for you.

So before you go…

In case you forgot or didn’t already know, the DALPEST Pest Solutions team are based in Peterborough, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas and are RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controllers and members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), so you can talk to us about any pest control requirements you may have on 0333 2026 223.

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