This year has been really busy for honey bees!

As pest controllers DALPEST Pest Solutions are conscious of not only dealing with difficult pest issues and infestations, but also acting to help preserve nature wherever possible.

Honey bee swarms have been plentiful this year and we have collected our fair share of them. We even have hives at the back of our offices housing some of these, but that is a story for another day! However, we also get lots of calls about potential colonies of bees within buildings all over the local area.

These bees will have searched for a suitable home and if they are unable to be in a hive then they will find the next best option, this often includes internal walls or chimneys of houses.

Specialist work.

Bee removal requires training and skill. Not only do you need to understand where to precisely locate them within a building, but accessing large colonies of bees is complex and usually something which occurs at height. This is not something which should be attempted yourself.

Luckily this is a specialist service that DALPEST offer to our customers.

We have technicians with advanced training in this field, allowing us to be called upon throughout Cambridgeshire to help out where needed. Bee removal work can range from smaller internal jobs right through to large scale works where entire parts of buildings require dismantling in order to successfully access the bees.

If you suspect you have bees within your property then the first thing to do is call us. We will come and conduct a detailed thermal survey of your property to determine where the bees are located and how best to approach removing them.

The next step is to provide you with a recommendation for the removal process. Every case is different and can be quite complex depending on the findings of the survey. We will formulate and discuss the project with you at every stage to ensure you remain fully informed about what is planned. 

Take a look at what we can do!

Here is an example of our recent work!

Our latest bee removal was located in the ceiling of a pantry in a property in Peterborough.

What we found.

When our team came to exposing the colony it was much larger than the customer had expected! Our team had to remove part of the ceiling within the pantry to gain access to the swarm, and when the bees were finally visible it was clear what we were dealing with. The bees had attached themselves and their honeycomb to the underside of the floorboards above.

The bees themselves were removed first using a custom bee vac which safely sucked them into a large holding vessel. Next was the comb. It required detaching but this meant that several of the floorboards from the bedroom above had to be lifted so this could happen.

A bee vac in action

Once all the bees and the comb were removed, they were placed into a temporary home so they could be transported to their new hive where they are now happily buzzing around.

The result was great, one happy customer and 30,000 happy bees!!

Remember the DALPEST Pest Solutions are RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controllers and members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), and you can talk to us about any pest control requirements you may have on 0333 2026 223. We would love to hear from you.

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