Insect season is now very much upon us! The sun has emerged and the welcome arrival of the warmer weather has prompted some local Peterborough businesses to consider their customers this summer.

Venues serving food and beverages, particularly if they have seating outside, can act as a real attraction for flying insects.

Fruit flies, bluebottles, bees and of course wasps are all drawn to food items inside the home, and the same applies to restaurants, pubs and local cafes. Some of these can cause more of a concern to customers than others. While flies are frustrating, stinging insects can actually ruin a dining experience for many customers. This can also discourage customers from wanting to return.

Lots of wasps at a cafe

A popular local business situated at Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough is the Lakeside Café. They serve an extensive fresh food and drinks menu to families and customers visiting the park for the day.

They are always conscious of providing the best possible service to their customers, and during the summer months this means trying to keep the wasps away! In 2023 they had some problems with large numbers of wasps at the restaurant and, not wanting customers (and especially children) to be stung as it is a question of safety, they called in DALPEST to help with a solution.

This was proven to be effective so we have been back again this year to replace our chosen traps ready for the next season.

What did we do?

The location of the café is next to the water and had large open spaces, so we selected traps from WaspBane to help reduce the threat from nuisance wasps. These traps have to be set up by professionals, but once they are in place they last for the entire wasp season. The traps have to be positioned correctly to operate at their most effective.

WaspBane Wasp Traps

The traps were discreetly hung away from customers, but in a location that was attractive to the wasps. The WaspBane traps work in a different way to traditional traps as they are designed to target specific wasps in line with their behaviour and it has a vapour system in the top of the trap to attract them inside. Once the wasps fly inside they are unable to get out and they die.

WaspBane trap in position

The traps proved highly effective within year one and that is why the customer decided to go with the same option in year two. These pest management techniques are different to those we would use if there were an active wasp nest found. This was a specific solution to keep the wasps at bay and keep customers safe during the busiest time of the year.

So, if you do suspect that you have a wasp nest then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help and offer advice if needed. We are also on hand to discuss any ongoing pest management queries you may have.

DALPEST Pest Solutions pest controllers are RSPH Level 2 qualified and we are proud members of the BPCA operating in Peterborough, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. You can talk to us about any queries you may have on 0333 2026 223. We would love to hear from you.

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