DALPEST offers the Exodus ULV (Ultra Low Volume) system, which treats an entire room in 30 secs. The treatment is used to eradicate many pests including Bed Bugs, Flies, Fleas, Spiders, Beetles, Cockroaches, Moths, Earwigs and Silverfish.

This versatile system is suitable to be used in domestic and commercial properties, vehicles, aircraft, even waste handling, food preparation or storage facilities. The small particles that are distributed throughout the area, gets into all the areas that are not seen. This ensures a higher success rate, first time.

The World Health Organisation defines ULV as; “Ultra Low Volume” spraying the minimum volume of insecticidal formulation required to produce the desired biological effect with maximum economy. A special formulation is applied through dedicated applications and equipment.

Dead Bed bug on the wall


The Exodus System allows your local pest controller to set up the equipment during the day with a digital timer, which then activates during the companies downtime. This helps save time and money by ensuring staff and customers are not present.

With shorter re-entry time, homeowners and commercial premises are accessible in only 2 hours after the conclusion of the treatment. This causes the least disruption to businesses or homeowners.

Low environmental impact is always important. With the ULV system, it uses a smaller amount of product, which means fewer microns being dispersed into the atmosphere.

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