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Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem for many residents and tenants. They are a common topic and they can spread very easily from property to property which makes them difficult to manage.

Once a beg bug problem becomes out of control it is very difficult to eradicate them completely. Catching them early is crucial – and we have some tips on how to spot the signs of them, both on our website and also in previous new articles.

The DALPEST Pest Solutions team were contacted by a key customer about a property causing them concern. This property was not currently being lived in because the bed bug infestation had become so out of control. Our team offered to survey the property and help come up with a suitable solution.

When you think you have seen it all!

It turns out that this was one of the worst bed bug cases the team had ever seen! Extreme action was required as soon as possible to get it under control.

DALPEST only make recommendations based on our expertise and knowledge of the pest species involved (and this differs slightly in every case) and so on this occasion, given the seriousness of the problem, there were three things that had to be recommended.

  • Step 1: Full clearance of the property, including wrapping, bagging and correctly disposing of all items in the house. This included furniture, clothing and other possessions.
  • Step 2: Environmental clean of the property including removing carpets and floor tiles and cleansing all surfaces.
  • Step 3: Spray treatment for the bed bug infestation. Thorough spray of all rooms with an insecticide to ensure that all live bugs and eggs were treated.

This was quickly agreed with the customer and the team set to work!

The images in the gallery show the extent of the items which had to be disposed of. Any mattresses had to be fully shrink wrapped so as not to spread the bed bugs further, this is important even when throwing things away. All clothing and items left around the property were bagged up before removing them and these were all placed into an industrial skip (we filled two of these from one property!!!).

As the team were working they discovered even more bed bugs than originally thought and the images below show that they are excellent at getting into the smallest of spaces. These bed bugs had crawled through the electrical socket and were sitting behind the fitting, not visible but still alive.

This is why getting the professionals in to treat an infestation is so important. DALPEST Pest Solutions technicians are trained to know where to look for these pests and also the appropriate chemical treatments to administer.

Due to the extent of this infestation the full clearance was the only option, otherwise it would have been too difficult to successfully treat the problem in the way that the team did.

We are working really closely with our customers currently to help focus on early identification of bed bug issues for their tenants,” said Richard Day, the Lead Technician for DALPEST. “While full environmental cleans and clearances are a great service that we can offer, we ideally wouldn’t want to see a bed bug infestation get this serious to begin with. Our aim is to educate people on spotting the early signs and then we can treat the problem more easily for them.”   

The outcome of this case was successful, and the environmental clean and treatment did the job as expected, the customer was also very happy to have the property back in a suitable condition.

Remember, if you think you have a pest problem, you can call and ask for our advice. We are here to help and you can reach us on 0333 2026 223.

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