As the hot weather is due to return, DALPEST your local pest controllers are offering advice on preventing your home or even business (if you have a pet at work) from fleas.

As temperatures are set to soar again this Bank Holiday, it makes for a perfect breeding ground for the parasites to thrive, causing them to populate at a higher rate.

Pet owners are encouraged to check your pets and treat regularly, especially in the summer months. Flea eggs develop into adults more quickly when the weather is warmer. In cool 13 Celcius temperatures, the process of the egg to adult will take 140 days, but when temperatures hit 32 Celcius, flea eggs become reproducing adults in just 22 days, with fleas laying up to 50 eggs per day in these conditions.

Flea on a human skin. Super macro

Fleas don’t just live on pets themselves but also on bedding and other soft furnishings around the house. This is when an infestation can start to manifest and the help of your local pest technician will be needed to treat the house of fleas.

Although we have emphasised about the hotter climates of the summer months, this is also something to consider when heating your home in the winter months.

Bites of insect on male body. Bed bugs or flea.

So what are you looking for?

Check your pets skin for fleas, bites or flea droppings – brown or black spots

How can you prevent an infestation ?

  • Regularly treat all pets in the household with flea treatment throughout the year
  • Treat homes, workplaces and cars with a flea spray
  • Wash pet bedding regularly at 60 degrees
  • Clean furniture to help destroy fleas at early stages, once an infestation starts this will need professionally treating
  • Vigorously vacuum carpets, floorboards and skirting boards
  • Throw away vacuum dust bags or empty the canister after each clean

To speak to DALPEST about fleas or any other pest problem, call 0845 22 37 115.

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