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In recent years moles have been on the increase up and down the country. This is mainly due to exceptionally wet winters and lack of control. Unfortunately little can be done to stop or deter moles from entering our gardens, playing fields and golf courses.  Their extensive tunnel network can cause damage to Plant roots and turf. Moles can tunnel up to 4 meters per hour. It has long been believed that flooding or blocking the mole runs with debris will deter the mole, this is not true .In fact the mole will only tunnel round the disturbed run creating more damage. All of our technicians are experienced Level 2 RSPH certified, and will tailor the mole control to your specific needs. All our mole control is 100% guaranteed and when done right mole control is quick and discrete, minimising the damage to your lawn and ensuring the safety of your family and pets.


  • Damage to plant roots (preventing growth to young plants and lawns)
  • Damage to grasslands (lawns, greens, fairways, fields and sports grounds)
  • Unsightly mole hills (can affect a business or organisations image)
  • Tunnels damage Garden Machinery (by churning up stones and other derby from the soil)
  • Prevent future growth (mole hills leave subsoil on the surface preventing future growth)
  • Health risk (sunken surface tunnels are a trip hazard and have been known to break and twist ankles, in this current claim culture its best to be protected)
  • Livestock injury (horses can easily lose their footing in a mole run causing expensive vet bills)

Identifying a Mole problem

  • Mole hills (caused by digging)
  • Surface tunnel (moles use surface tunnels to get from one point to another quickly)
  • New mole hill (fresh soil on top and grass bent outwards)
  • Soil disturbance (often in flower beds as the hills are less visible)
  • 3 day old mole hill (young weeds begin to grow on substandard soil)

Curing a Mole problem

DALPEST Solutions are fully qualified to RSPH Level 2 and have a simple but extremely effective 4 step process to mole control.

  1. We will perform a FREE SITE SURVEY to identify the pest and the extent of the infestation.
  2. Undertake the particular control method our technician feels is best suited to your situation. Always ensuring the safety of yourselves, your children and your pets.
  3. Check up on the progress of the treatment, replenishing all methods of control. Disposal of all carcasses.
  4. Ensure the infestation is now clear. Lay grass seed on any disturbed areas to boost regrowth. Inform you that the guarantee has now begun.

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DALPEST operate using only RSPH Level 2 trained technicians and act in accordance with the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) standards and the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) guidelines at all times. DALPEST prides itself on service, customer relations and rapid response times operating a 24/7 365 days a year service.


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We cover all Peterborough and surrounding areas for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural Pest Control, we also offer nationwide coverage on request dependent on the nature of the work needed.  Areas covered include (but not exclusively): Achurch, Ailsworth, Aldgate, Alwalton, Apethorpe, Armston, Ashton, Aunby, Bainton, Barholme, Barnack, Barnwell All Saints, Barnwell St Andrew, Baston, Blatherwycke, Blatherwycke, Braceborough, Bretton, Bulwick, Caldecote, Careby, Carlby, Casterton, Castor, Chesterton, Coates, Collyweston, Conington, Cotterstock, Crowland, Deeping saint James, Deeping St James, Deeping St. James, Denton, Dogsthorpe, Duddington, Eaglethorpe, Eastfield, Eastgate, Easton-on-the-hill, Eastrea, Eldernell, Elton, Essendine, Etton, Eye, Farcet, Fengate, Folksworth, Fotheringhay, Frognall, Geeston, Glapthorn, Glinton, Great Casterton, Greatford, Gunthorpe, Haddon, Hampton, Hampton Vale, Helpston, Hemington, Holme, Ingthorpe, Ketton, Kings Cliffe, King’s Cliffe, Langtoft, Little Casterton, Longthorpe, Lower Benefield, Luddington, Luddington in the Brook, Lutton, Marholm, Market Deeping, Maxey, Morborne, Nassington, Netherton, Newborough, Newstead, Norman Cross, Northborough, Oundle, Parnwell, Paston, Peakirk, Peterborough, Pickworth, Pilsgate, Pilton, Polebrook, Ravensthorpe, Ryhall, Sibson, Southorpe, Southwick, Stamford, Stanground, Stibbington, Stilton, Stoke Doyle, Suthery, Sutton, Tallington, Tansor, Thorney, Thornhaugh, Thurning, Tickencote, Tinwell, Tixover, Uffington, Ufford, Upper Benefield, Upton, Wadenhoe, Walton, Wansford, Warmington, Water Newton, Werrington, West Deeping, Westwood, Whittlesey, Wigsthorpe, Wilsthorpe, Wittering, Woodnewton, Woodston, Yarwell, Yaxley.

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100% Results, backed by our 14 day guarantee.

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Traditional humane mole catching methods used.

Agreed fixed price before treatment begins.

As a Local independent pest control firm we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile for our customers.

Annual contracts available

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