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Wood Worm

Wood worm

Wood worm does not pose a direct health risk, although if it’s left untreated the consequences can be catastrophic, as woodworm can weaken timbers of supporting structures leading to eventual failing if left untreated. On a less serious but just as costly point woodworm can be transferred from one wooden object to another, therefore destroying valuable items throughout your household.

Woodworm is the collective name used to describe all wood burrowing insects the common furniture beetle and death watch beetle are the most commonly found pest species throughout the UK.

Identifying your wood worm infestation

Common Furniture Beetle

  • The species that causes the majority of wood worm damage throughout the UK.
  • Consumes both hard and soft woods.
  • Can damage any wooden object
  • Visible exit holes where the adult beetle has flown from the infested area.
  • Recently active areas will show a (ring of dust) around the adult exit hole.

Death Watch Beetle

  • Mainly infests hard woods (often those with slight decay)
  • Larvae tunnel inwards and will remain deep inside the wood for between 5-10 years.
  • Possible to hear a slight tapping or ticking if quite (sound of beetles finding mating partners)
  • Cause more damage to the timber internally and not easily visible from the external face of the wood.


The principals behind treating all types of wood burrowing beetles are the same. However first one of our fully qualified technician will have to identify the pest species, if the infestation is active and what treatment method is best suited to your specific needs. Once the infestation has been treated our technician will award the owner with a certificate to guarantee the Treatment.  At James Dighton Pest Solutions we have two types of specialist treatment which in survive cases can be combined. These are:

Water Based Treatment

  • Designed to minimise chemical exposure to people, pets and the environment.
  • Chemical substance penetrates deep into the wood or long term treatment and prevention.

Fogging Treatment

  • Ideal for when there are inaccessible infested areas as fogging ensures every nook and cranny has been treated.
  • Furniture and carpets do not need to be removed and the room can become fully useable again within just a few hours from treatment.
  • Ideal when floor boards are unable to be removed as fogging can treated areas which are unexposed.

Treating a wood worm infestation

DALPEST solutions are fully qualified to RSPH Level 2 and have a simple but extremely effective 3 step process to wood worm Treatment.

  • We will perform a FREE SITE SURVEY to identify the pest and the extent of the infestation
  • Undertake the particular control method our technician feels is best suited to your situation. Always ensuring the safety of your family, your home and pets.
  • Ensure the infested area has been sufficiently treated and once our technician is confident the treatment method has killed off all existing wood worm and will prevent any further infestations. He or she will then award you with a certificate to guarantee the treatment.

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